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Guest Blog: The Good Things About Child Day Care

For many parents returning to work after the birth of a child there is a bit of skepticism and doubt towards daycare. This is natural and quite normal, but daycare horror stories and the thought of being separated from your child has more positives, the least of which is stopping you from considering what is really an excellent option for both parent and child. For every day care horror story there are thousands of successes. There are many excellent reasons to send your child to day care, and some are not what you might expect!

Your Child Will Develop Independence

 Going to day care can be a discomforting experience for many children and their parents, but after adjusting to this new experience, your child will begin to develop confidence and an independent spirit. Once a child realizes that their new environment is safe, they begin to explore it, consequently learning and experiencing new things. Self esteem begins to develop at a deeper level when a child begins to realize they can handle life without mommy and daddy, at least for awhile!

Day Care Helps to Develop a Child’s Social Skills

By attending day care your child will meet and begin to interact with other children their age, and maybe a bit older and younger. They learn to share, cooperate, communicate, and make new friends. A child being cared for at home by a relative or friend will not have the benefit of such experiences, and consequently when the time comes to attend school, they may be lacking in the social skills needed to adjust. This could lead to the new experience of attending school being a negative one, causing a negative association with learning which could take years to overcome.

Day Care Prepares Your Child for School

A quality day care center with certified teachers and caregivers will help prepare your child for the school environment. This can give your child a huge advantage, giving them a bit of a head start in life. Day care introduces children to new ideas, experiences, rules, and ways to play, at the same time stimulating their powers of thought and reason and introducing them to and familiarizing them with riles and structure. Children who attend day care frequently do better on number-skills and literacy tests than those who don’t, and almost always adjust easier to the school environment.

Having a relative or family friend care for a child in their or your own home can provide a safe and loving atmosphere for your child to develop in, but day care can do the same, and at the same time provide a stimulating learning environment. If you are considering child day care in Richmond Hill, Ontario, you may want to consider centers like the York Enrichment Child Care Center located in the heart of Oak Ridges.

York Enrichment Child Care Center link to: http://www.yeccdaycare.ca/

Nelli Hooper is the proud owner of York Enrichment Childcare Centre located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Her program has an excellent facility and is setting the standard for childcare within York Region.  Please visit her website at http//www.yeccdaycare.ca to learn more about childcare and how it can benefit your child.

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Righteous Anger

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Righteous Anger

Since the 2000 political documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore explored the circumstances that lead to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and, more broadly, the proliferation of guns and the high homicide rate in America, it is apparent Americans are becoming increasingly angrier.  Why do 11,000 people die in America each year at the hands of gun violence?

Not only are more people grumpy, according to a recent study by researchers in New Zealand, Legos, yellow-faced people are madder than when they first hit the building block scene. The little, plastic, yellow-faced people, who are a snap-together part of the famous children’s building block set, appear proportionately more angry, the study revealed.

According to the New Zealanders, Lego has released more little yellow guys with angry scowls than ever before. The spike in plasticine ire, the study posits, is related to the release of more aggressively-themed Lego sets: space invaders, pirates and Harry Potter villains, all carrying weapons and grouchy faced frowns.

Researchers Christoph Barneck and Mohammad Obaid, who work for the University of Canterbury; the third author, Karolina Zawieska is from the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements wrote, “It is our impression that the Lego yellow-face themes have been increasingly based on conflicts.” The researchers came to their conclusion after cataloging and photographing the 3,655 Lego characters released between 1975 and 2010, then asking 264 American adults to characterize the figures’ expression as angry, happy, sad, disgusted, surprised or fearful.

Bartneck stated, “We discovered a proportional growth of angry faces since the early 90’s. “Furthermore, variables, such as skin color and whether the figures’ head is attached to a body, didn’t substantially throw off our conclusions.”

The report has led, in one Ohio community, to place a ban on the purchase of Lego sets that include angry or otherwise unhappy little plastic men.

So the question might be…are the little yellow guys reflecting society or is society reflecting its mood onto the little yellow guys? The wise person knows the little yellow guys reflect society.

Why are Americans becoming more and more angry? ###

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